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The engineering services for residential clients from James Kelly Associates range from a pre-purchase house survey, to preparing specifications for repair works like subsidence, to project management of a new house build.

When buying a new house, having a structural pre-purchase survey carried out gives you an independent assessment of the condition of the property. Most houses have even the smallest of defects – the survey helps you to make an informed decision before you buy. A Structural survey cost can vary according to the age or size of the building and the type of report required; contact Jim Kelly on 0217011125 for a quotation today.

Do you have structural problems caused by fire, storm or flood damage? You may need a structural report. This building inspection looks at the structural defects, reporting what repair work is required. The Structural Report details the issues, the solutions and approximate cost of the building repairs.

At James Kelly Associates our services are tailored to suit your needs. Services can include:-

  • Land & Building Surveys
  • Engineering support for Planning Applications and Appeals
  • Project Management of multidisciplinary construction work
  • Bespoke Engineering Design
  • Specialist foundation, structural and drainage advice
  • Construction Inspections and certification
  • Fire Safety Advice

If you are building a new house, having the experience of a Civil Engineer and a Structural Engineer throughout the project will be invaluable. As part of viaFulcrum, a team of built environment professionals, James Kelly Associates use BIM (Building Information Management) to create a smooth running project saving valuable time and money for you our client. This 3D modelling system allows all those involved in the design and construction of a project to input their information. The clash detection feature sees conflict before the job goes on site, squeezing the waste out of the construction process.

Using modern technology as a Civil Engineer is efficient and cost effective. If you want to talk to a Structural Engineer who is conscious of your costs, without compromising on quality or service, contact James Kelly Associates today.

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Under new Building Control Regulations effective from 1st March 2014, Chartered Engineers are one of only three construction professionals registered by law to inspect and certify building works. The others are Architects and Building Surveyors.

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